eBikes on RAGBRAI


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I've been doing RAGBRAI (418 mile ride across Iowa, the worlds largest bicycle tour event) for several years and have seen very few eBikes in the past. I saw a Bionix kit on a recumbent last year but that was about it. I saw a ton of eBikes on it this year. I assume largely because of the longer battery ranges now available. I saw a black Specialized Turbo, an E-Motion, several Bionx kits, and a STROMER Sport! I saw the Stromer on a 69 mile day and he wasn't carrying any bags so I am assuming he didn't have a 2nd battery. It was funny because he was pulling a paceline with a bunch of non-eBike riders behind him taking advantage of the super charged eBike blocking the wind and going 20+ mph. Not sure how he managed to finish that day unless someone else was carrying a second battery or he charged the battery in the stop towns.

None the less, a Stromer has invaded RAGBRAI! I tried to catch up to talk to him but was I on my Surly LHT loaded down with bags and could not catch up to him because he was flying. It was awesome!