Ebiking in Anacortes, WA


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We are going to go to Anacortes for a 5 day family vacation this month (August). I planned this last winter, before we got our e-bikes. Now, looking at the area, it looks like a great place to ride our bikes. I got us a rack to hold our four Pedegos! We can cycle around Anacortes, or take ferries to surrounding San Juan Islands. Our main interest is biking on roads or paths that are cycle-friendly (we aren't mountain bikers, so aren't interested in rocky/rooty terrain). It looks like we are going to have lots of beautiful places to ride.

I thought I'd ask if any of you have experience cycling in these areas, and if so, to share your advice.
Many thanks!


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Cycle down to the terminal and take your bike on the ferry to Friday Harbor! Awesome place to cycle. If not, then go to Washington Park. Single one way road loop with awesome outlook places to stop by.