EBO conversion kits


Hello all.

I am in the planning stages for having my catrike converted to pedal assist. I have been talking to Jason at Electric Bike Outfitters and to one of their dealers in New York. Both have been very helpful. The EBO systems on the surface seem a little pricey, but I have been impressed with the reviews I’ve seen and pleased with my interactions with them so far. They have a couple of systems that look like they will meet my needs and without adding an excessive amount of weight to my trike.

Just curious if anyone here has any experience with the EBO products and if so what’s your opinion?


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I've converted two bikes with kits, neither from EBO.
I ran across EBO three years ago when looking for kits. You didn't provide a link. EBO.com doesn't work. I think I remembered they were expensive.
I did a conversion using parts from amazon and e-bay, and highly recommend one does not buy a battery from either source. I got a good battery at 2.2 times the price of the junk, from lunacycle of LA. I imagine any kit from there is supported. When I was buying hub kits luna did not have a motor that would fit in a 130 mm dropout frame - only fat tire bike kits. If you can handle the customs yourself, people on here recommend kits from Grin technologies of Vancouver and em3ev of Hong Kong. I got one rear hub from an e-bay seller, and the other I'm not sure it works yet more than 11 miles, so I'm not going to talk about it. The battery was bad from someone else, that I am sure of.
I saved about a thousand dollars over the factory electric version by converting the bodaboda bike left. Also I got a DD hub drive, which can be exchanged for another any time. The yubabike e-bodaboda has a mid drive, which requires an exact replacement from the OEM if there is a problem. Also mid-drives drag badly when pedaled unpowered, whereas I ride my bike mostly without power. I only use the power when the wind is over 12 mph in my face, or I'm traveling more than 25 miles. So far the $180 1000 W hub drive from e-bay has been okay, although I custom modified the axle so the bike frame wouldn't pinch the motor covers and cause them to rub the windings.
Have fun with electricity.