EBO Mountaineer Kit Review

Ann M.

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Exploring a more high powered direct drive motor system, Court reviews the rugged Electric Bike Outfitters' new Mountaineer system. This is an opportunity to see a system tested on a crunchy off road trail!

The Electric Bike Outfitters EBO Mountaineer is a high power, high speed electric bike kit capable of 30 mph top speeds, can be operated with pedal assist, trigger throttle or optional twist throttle. Heavier but sturdy 750 watt gearless hub motor, can be mounted in the front or rear wheel (I'd recommend front) and works with 0, 6, 7, 8 or 9 speed cassettes. Custom 25 Amp controller is built into a metal box that attaches to seat tube bosses so you need to make sure your bike has them there. More basic LED console with limited readouts, five magnet pedelec sensor isn't as responsive, decent warranty and overall low price for this much power and speed.

Jack Tyler

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Viewing this in concert with Court's very recent review of the 500W Front Range EBO kit gives one a good idea of what EBO does well and perhaps also not so well. In this case, I was troubled by the location of what appears to be the connector for the critical battery-motor conductor. It's exposed physically in one of the most damage prone areas possible, and then there's the inevitable exposure of that connector to water, mud and road juice. (Look at 1:15 and 8:25 for good views of the connector). It appears it would be hard to relocate this since the pigtail coming out of the battery case is so short, and the connector doesn't seem equipped for the life it's going to lead. A better connector and a longer pigtail would be worth considering.