EBR Ad on YouTube


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I just loaded up a video on YouTube, and it had an ad at the beginning... for EBR! I thought that the voice sounded familiar (I was on a different tab in my browser while it loaded up), and then Court was saying "This is an electric bike...."

You'd better believe I switched back to that tab quickly! LOL

Keep up the good work, @Court !


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Ha! Thanks for the heads up @FitzChivalry, I created a short preroll video in February 2014 and put it up on my channel. YouTube has this program where if your videos are high quality and you're trying to attract more people to discover your content they will run an ad like this for free, just to help you build exposure. I wasn't sure if it had actually been accepted or played but now you've confirmed it! Here's the ad for those who haven't seen it, just tried to keep the message simple and fast. Open to your suggestions on improving it in the future :D

Also, I'm working on improvements for EBR right now and am open to ideas. My plan is to list more of the specs for each bike in the search results and category pages (like price, battery size and power and weight) and also to let people compare bikes side by side. I might also open reviews up like a wiki where people can suggest fixes or edits. There is a lot going on right now with moderation and posting reviews from my last East Coast trip but I want to keep making the site better in general and I Think the compare thing will go a long way.


Great to see you innovating for the site Court. Maybe you should hire on a small team to help you realize your vision and take care of more routine tasks!


Your reviews have been great, and adding pricing would be amazing. I wonder if you might add some detail to the reporting on batteries and some (frankly) realistic range estimates. Maybe a "manufacturer's" and a "real world" estimate? The latter could be based on some formula, or even a test ride. At minimum add a disclaimer like: 170 rider, smooth level pavement.