EcoBike Cross M ~1300€


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Does anybody cat tell something about this bike? (from specs)

I'm thinking to buy my first electric bike. But don't wanna spend a lot money :)
I'm Beginner with electric bikes

(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
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Ann M.

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Good size battery paired with a smaller motor so you would get pretty decent range, @JeMasLT. It's built with a quality hydroformed frame which is lighter and sleeker and has a comfortable feel on rougher roads. Personally, I'd want a little larger hub motor; however, if it's not very hilly where you ride, then that may not be necessary. You haven't mentioned what type of terrain you'll be riding on or an average range which would help determine if this bike is right for what you'll be doing. Other question, do you have a way to test ride before buying? If so, that's a great reality check before writing a check. Consider this, too--if you're purchasing a bike from a website, who will help you take care of it? All are factors to keep in mind when deciding to make the ebike leap (which we all whole heartily support!)


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Wow! Thanks for replaying.
I planning to ride in my city. To work, to shop. (it's in Vilnius, Lithuania)
It's not very hilly. Ascent/Descent 100m. The highest hill is Ascent 300m(in 2km range) If interesting: (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
I'll buy bike in local store. And I think before buying they should allow do test ride near shop.


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And what about this: Cube Touring Hybrid 400
As I see there is different motor.
  • Is it possible to drive when battery is empty (With bosh motor)? Like with simple bike.
  • Is it recommend for that type motors?