Ecotric Tire upgrade


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Hi all. Considering buying two Ecotrics. 1 Rocket26 and 1 Fat26. I was focusing on winter riding and thinking about studded tires. Bikes come with 26 x 4.0" wide tires. I was curious if anyone has mounted anything wider than that? What will fit? On front rigid fork of Fat26 and the Mozo suspension fork of the Rocket26? And....assuming the rear dropouts are the same.....what will fit on the rear? Looking for advice. If you have either of these bikes.....with the stock wheels......could you simply measure on your bike for me how much more room there is for bigger tires........say 4.6" or even 4.8". Greatly appreciate the help. Also I was wondering if anyone is running tubeless set-up on those stock rims/stock tires/other tires and if it has worked for them.