eDoping quantified!


I started a thread about measuring my own (e.g. human) power output while riding my Stromer here: Stromer power meter options

Because I do have some Garmin Vector pedals on a bike that I'm not likely to use until the spring I swapped them over to the Stromer this morning for a test ride.
My ride can be found here: https://www.strava.com/activities/4505099676

If I'm reading my Omni app correctly, it looks like I consumed ~450 Wh of battery energy during the 53:45 ride = just over 400W.
My own power (as measured at the pedals) averaged 185 W during that same time (e.g. 166 Wh).
So it looks like it took an average of 585 W for just under an hour to average 24.9 mph with ~1200 ft of total elevation and a very modest amount of stopping.

The Vector pedals are not an ideal solution given the required shoe/cleat combo, but should suffice for now to satisfy my curiousity!