EFNEO three speed front hub.


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basically a self contained three speed front hub, to replace derailleur type front hubs...

This is apparently another crowdfunding project..

This would really enhance a single speed bike like the Storm... seems like it would be a great upgrade to me...

Pity the inventor or one of their minions has had a big shot at the Storm.. and is now persona non grata with a lot of Sondors Supporters.. this hub would have been a no brainer upgrade. for that bike and with a 7000 plus group of buyers .. you really should have kept your mouth shut buddy :) a loss for both sides I'd say..

Leave the slandering to us proffesionals :)

BTW thanks to Sondors owners f/b group for putting me on to this.. as somebody who really dislikes derailleurs. I hope it gets up...

wonder if it could be adapted to a Bafang mid drive.... (actually strike that.. I doubt it would be doable.. pity)... would there be any advantage to pairing this with the Nuvinci?
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