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The El Legs 5 is my first e-bike and the only one I've every ridden, though I did a fair amount of research before buying it. I chose it because of its light weight and speedy performance at a great price (not to mention its looks!). The 45-pound weight turned out to be a bigger asset than I had thought, especially when mounting it on my car's bike rack.

I did replace the rear light because the lens kept popping off, first with a USB-rechargable blinker, later with a battery-powered model because, in addition to a blinker, it created a "lane" formed by thin red-light parallel lines on the road on either side of the bike (I'm a big fan of "safety first").

I also added a seat-post mounted rear rack to hold saddle bags (originally a pair of panniers, but they proved to be less secure and more difficult for my legs to clear when mounting the bike; their tops rose a couple inches over the rack, while the saddle-bag tops are even with the rack).

The bike is great fun to ride and, after a year, I still love it, though I've had some battery problems. Volton replaced the one that shorted out and another when its lock-tab broke off — both at no charge.

One other issue I have is with the battery mount: it's a bit wobbly. Does any other El Legs owner out there have a solution for that problem?

I'd appreciate comments from anyone else who chose or considered this bike, and what their experiences have been, or why they chose a different bike.
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I would try YouTube, or Google it. I haven't heard a lot steam on this thread about the El Leg 5, but if u post ur question into a more watched thread, like the Q & A forum then sure there will be someone who know or has had a similar problem.