Electric bicycle battery repair/diy


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Hello there!
I recently purchased an e-bike (Batavus Padova Easy) with semi dead BMS, semi it's because it allowed the batteries to be charged fully, and that's good because it allowed me to test them, and once I did, I noticed that the batteries are OK, they hold charge decently, not dropping below 24 volts.

The thing is that the BMS is glued in the case with silicone rubber, It's really hard to find any information about the board itself - the brand/series, and I wonder if I can "hack" the BMS with another one that might work with this battery, or mainly with the electric motor. I'm just curious if it's possible to make it work in any way possible, and since I have the batteries already, and the motor, I would like then to keep it as cost effective as possible.

Anything that might help revive that bicycle will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!



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Yes, one could replace the BMS if one has the tech skills, but it seems your battery uses NiMh cells, so maybe it has no BMS.