Electric bicycle, folded, for large riders


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Hi there, I am new here. I was looking in the forums before I posted here, but couldn't find the right bike for me.

I am 6.1 feet (1.87 m) and weight 212 lbs (96 kg). I live in a big city with tough inclines, and I need my bikes for commuting around 10-15 km a day. (back and forth)

I would love to hear your recommendations.



I have an e-JOE Epik SE (2015), its a folding bike and is rated for 300lbs. For comparison, I also have an e-JOE Anggun step-through bike (also rated for 300lbs). I've ridden both on the same steep hills and there's no comparison, as I have to use all the gears on the Anggun and put more effort into it, but I can sometimes stay in the top gear on the Epik SE with the same (or less) effort. The gearing and the smaller wheels on the Epik give it a huge advantage on hills. However, that also means it has a lower top speed. The motor will get you to 20mph, but its pretty hard to pedal at that speed because the cadence is too fast. I find 16-18mph to be about the max I want to go while pedaling. I've found the battery range on the Epik is anywhere from 13-24 miles based on how hilly the terrain is. I ride a very hilly park on a regular basis and only get about 13 miles (I keep a second battery in my saddle bag, and I regularly can get to 26 miles or so using both). However, on a flat rail trail, I've gotten up to 24 miles on just one battery while still riding pretty hard/fast. If you conserve and ride some stretches without electric, it would be easy to stretch that to 30 miles on one battery.