Electric Bike Carrier Racks


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A little apples to oranges - for the Dash the DD Ace is fine, but a lot of bikes need a platform since they don't have traditional top tubes.

Ravi Kempaiah

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People who spend money on Optibike or Stealth etc. don't mind purchasing this. Thule makes really high quality stuff. One could do with a slightly beefier rack and a crossbar attachment.


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Thule does indeed make nice stuff but this just seems awfully expensive. I've owned both Thule (actually still use many of the accessories on my factory racks) and Yakima over the years and the quality seems roughly comparable, at least to me. We have the crossbar attachment for my wife's non electric step through bike and while it works great I will admit it does feel a little less than secure sometimes - I always want to tighten the crossbar up just a little more than it lets me.


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As I drove to Fl from DC area I was thinking my bikes sure bounce a lot, I don't think I would want to carry heavy bikes w/o something underneath them for support. Gravity + bumps = bad to me. All through out the forum the general response is no cheap ebikes or you get cheap quality, goes the same for these carriers IMHO. I have a 1.25 hitch w/a Saris pro rack all rated for carrying 2 Stromers but still makes me nervous while traveling and watching out the rear view mirror...



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I have the Thule T2 rack for my 2" Class III hitch. I believe the rack is rated for 160 lbs total. Cost $350 at REI on sale or $350 on Amazon anytime.
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I just installed the $139 Prorack 2-Bike Hitch Platform, bought from Amazon. It's rated for two bikes at 40 lbs each, my Dash is currently 62 lbs. all-up and probably 50 with the battery and lock off. I removed one set of the tire supports and one of the hold down hooks so now it's a one E-bike carrier. Those just slide on and off so it converts back easy, I just prefer them not in the way. I did stand on the rack and it held my 170 lbs just fine. It weighs 36 lbs. by itself, welded steel, easy to use, folds up in all sorts of ways, very quick to load/unload, it's fine and no regrets.

Downsides - not many, but it does wobble some left and right. Hard to see how any of these wouldn't as the motor is out to one end of the arm and the hitch is a small pivot in the center. If I was concerned about it for a long trip (I'm not) I could attach load straps from the outboard ends of the rack vertically to the roof rack. The stress on the rack will be greatest on potholed and uneven roads and least on the freeway.


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Hey Brian, I wonder if you can give an update about your Prorack. How do you like it so far, would you recommend it, does it wobble too much (now that you've used it for a while), is it easy to mount and remove on the vehicle, etc. ?



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If I had it to do over again, I would do it again. The sway isn't anything on smoothish roads and on highways and freeways it would be a non-issue. Would not take it 4-wheeling however. Loading a heavy bike on the inner position is a drag, on the outer position that I use it's a breeze. Rack comes off easy but I've left it on. On my car the upright does not have to be swung down to open the hatch but it is not a problem to swing it if required. I am sure there is better and also a lot better available but if value for dollar is your goal this is a great option, in my opinion.

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The Prorack seems like a great rack for the money. I really like 2" tubing personally though, but 2" receivers aren't available for all vehicles. I had a 2" reciever built custom for my car and I can now carry 4 ebikes on the back of my car with no wobbles or worries. I'm a little overly nervous about that stuff though, when I had my 1.25" Hollywood rack (similar to the Prorack) I found my heart stopping constantly as I drove down the highway with one eye in the rear view. I know many people that are happy with similar racks though.


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The Thule runs $700 and will only carry 120 lbs.(2 bikes total) ....yet Brian says his Dash weighs 62 lbs.

Is there anybody out there currently making a decent (and I have a hard time even saying this) "bike rack" here in America...or exactly how far have we truly fallen in terms of our ability to engineer even the simplest of items?
$700...and it can't even handle the weight of 2 basic ebikes...which it is (supposedly) designed to handle?


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I appreciate the math, Brian as I had no idea what they weighed without the above.
I guess what I'm saying (and not very well) is this...why can't I simply throw two 'normal' ebikes (with batteries, bags, whatever else suits my fancy) on a carrier...and go?
Are we all so freakishly abnormal in this segment that "120 lbs.for $700" is the very best that American (or any other) 'know-how' can muster in the summer of 2014?
I have a 2 bike rack with a 2" hitch by Hollywood. It is e-bike specific to carry 80 lbs per bike and costs about $400. My bike go on and off the rack a LOT and it was hard to get the heavy ebike in the rear at times. Also the rubber around the hok that holds the frame in place wore threw quickly and chipped both my bikes. Total bummer. :( I do like the Thule design and a few others that latch around the wheel securely and do not make much (if any) contact with the frame.


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I do like the Thule design and a few others that latch around the wheel securely and do not make much (if any) contact with the frame.
Two questions (please):
Doesn't the OP's Thule design referenced above clamp somewhere else other than the wheels?
Are there any other designs besides Thule's which include a ramp?
It looks as if the Thule can now be had for $558 w/shipping.
There Thule grabs the seat post as well (but not frame).

Others like the Thule are the Saris super clamp http://www.saris.com It carries to 2 bikes up to 60 lbs., doesn't make contact with the frame and has a $40 fat tire add on. Doesn't have a ramp that I can see, but can be bought for under $400. The design is simple, and has a large clamp for BOTH wheels…also kinda cool that saris is made in the USA.

Also, the "Yakima Hold Up" is another similar rack. It has a over the wheel design but only goes over one wheel with a velcro strap on the other (similar to the Thule). Note also that the ramp for the Thule is an add-on.

I think I might go with the Saris myself.


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I have both a platform rack (OEM from my car manufacturer) and a top tube rack. I think about any platform rack is fine for most ebikes. Only the heaviest (A2B comes to mind) would be an issue if you had 2 on there.

The top tube rack I use I wouldn't trust with 2 50 lb bikes. More because the sway cages aren't that beefy and I think eventually they would break off.


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I think I might go with the Saris myself.
Thank you for taking the time to offer those suggestions (others here as well). I called Saris after noticing that they compared the rack above with others which simply clamp the front tire and strap the back at the wheel well. He tried to steer me to the (frame mount) "Freedom" series after I pointed out that the 'junk' rack was no different than the one above if you have rear fenders in terms of attachment points (the Freedom also is rated for even less weight).
What I'm wondering since we have one bike with fenders and one without...and as you say these are available for $350 shipped to your door...what can I use (bungie or similar w/'shimmage') to use that 2nd clamping bar as my frame mount post or to use that clamp as it is intended somewhere else on the bike? (my fender extends clear to the ground).
If I can figure that out and can get over what looks like a pretty small diameter (unbraced) tube attached to the rack itself (beef that up?) your advice at $350 doesn't sound bad (I also really don't want to take those batteries off yet am definitely overweight).