Electric Bike Company Model R handle bars

Robi Schmiedlin

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I changed the handlebars that came with my EBC Model R....and wow what a difference. EBC should offer a choice in handlebars. When I purchased the bike, I thought the cruiser style handle bars would be ok but I did not like how wide they were. I felt awkward on the bike and a little less that fully balanced. It felt like if I let go with one hand that I'd crash. I came to realize that it was due to the handle bars so I changed them - bought SUNLITE Medium Hi-Rise Hbar Sunlt Hi Rise 27.5wx9x1in Bk. They have a 9" rise. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. I liked my bike before the change but now I love my bike. Here are some pictures with my new handle bars next to my husband's Model R with the standard handlebars that came with the bike. They have made a world of difference. I can take one hand off the handle bars to look at my watch and not feel like I am going to crash. I can make tighter bends. I can go through the trail gates with ease and feel in total control. My husband is going to order these handlebars for his bike too. It took us about 1 hour 30 mins to change them...it took two people to do the job. We took the original ones off the stem first. then we put the new bars on the stem, removed the screen display from the old and put it on the new. Then we removed the brakes and throttle on the left and put it on the new. then we did the right side. We took our time and went slowly and only cut two wire ties. It was worth the effort. Now I love everything about this bike.


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Hi @Robi Schmiedlin thanks so much for sharing these great pictures and your comments to Sue back at the main site. I was following your conversations and excited to see your handlebar upgrade. Looks awesome!! It also looks like a beautiful day and a nice spot for a ride, made me smile to see :)


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Interesting how different we bike riders are.... I actually love the handle bar and seat arrangement on the model R. I owned several bikes from different manufactures and this set up is very comfortable for me. I describe the ride as a early 1940's Hardly Davidson