Electric bike for flatfooted student


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I've never really payed much attention to bikes; I have flatfoot so I struggle to ride them. I always either got a lift or walked. Soon I will be going to university and I will be unable to get a lift or walk. I need something with
  • a medium to large, protected storage space,
  • fairly sheltered from the rain (British weather! :(),
  • efficient,
  • can ride minimum 30 miles,
  • road legal,
  • requires no tax, licence, MOT etc.
  • minimal maintenance,
  • cheap to run,
  • minimal pedaling,
  • doesn't need special sockets,
  • not too costly (can be bought second hand)
  • safe and easy to store,
  • safe to ride,
  • easy to upgrade,
  • easy to balance (flatfoot has yet again outdone me!)
I don't want specific models, as this purchase will be done in two years time, so assume the technology at that point please. Thank you for helping :)


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Just curious.. How do flat feet prevent you from riding a bicycle? Cause you still have to peddle an Ebike, although with much less effort.

If you haven't ridden a bicycle in a long time, an EBike is not the place to start....you may not like it, and then you will be stuck with an expensive unused toy.

There's a bunch of Brits on the website Endless=sphere.com.. you could post your question. They would know what's offered there.



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Just curious.. How do flat feet prevent you from riding a bicycle?
Basically when I cycle my feet naturally point forwards so my knees naturally point inwards so they knock together. Short amounts of cycling with assisted motion (for example on a tandem) are alright as I can rest my legs and they'll return to their natural state. This was my thinking with getting one of these.
I can understand what you're saying and I have been trying to find bicycles that may help me with my flat feet, unfortunately none of them have helped facilitate my needs. I recently had a go on an electric bike (one of the ones you lay back in) and it was wonderful!
I'll take a look at the link you sent, thanks!


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I have flat feet and somewhat knock kneed. My feet don't cause any issue but the knees coming together are an issue. I use pedal extenders. They put my feet out maybe a 1/2" on each side.

I rode my wife's bike without them and wore off part of the inside of the shoes I wear I got so used to them!



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To me, after install my knees are about where most are. I also use platform pedals , give me a little more room to place my feet. I am not abnormal to look at or I guess "extreme" would be the best word so it may be different for you . I have seen many special needs people on the trails who do have arms , legs or some major issue. I am no where near that just a little more uncomfortable when I ride a regular bike. A decent LBS should be able to fit the bike to almost any need you have. there are a few on this site that may chime in

Reddy Kilowatt

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Hey Little BigFace:
You might want to check out bikefoums.net
One of their forums is Adaptive Cycling: Handcycles, Amputee Adaptation, Visual Impairment, and Other Needs.
If you join Bike Forums, you could post your query in that forum and you'd likely reach an audience that would be better equipped to help you in your quest. When I scrolled through the posts there, I saw a lot of information about reworking pedals, finding special bicycle shoes, etc.