Electric bike race, nice over-produced video of mid drive fun in Italy.


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Ha! Awesome editing job there... Love the slow motion and music. How often do you go to Italy? Are you a sponsored or professional rider @Shea N Encinitas? And... do you live in Encinitas :D

I love the snuggly panda backpack you're wearing in your profile icon BTW.

Shea N Encinitas

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Yeah mon, took that snuggle bug on a ride this morning - she gets depressed if I don't take her. Oh and that's not me or my work, and neither is this:


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As much as I rate Danny, sadly I think that the latest clip will now spoil Skye for a very long time to come, with an endless stream people wanting to visit and ride the Island. Such a shame.

Love the idea of taking part in the first clip though. :)