Electric bike (Silentforce) stops after a second or two


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Hi everyone!
I have a problem with my Silentforce 0101. When I start it up and start biking, as soon as the motor kicks in the electrical system fails and shuts off, I then have to restart it an the same thing happens. I called the manufacturer and they told me I had to send the battery for repairs, it will cost me around 200-300 euros. The bike is techically new so I don't really believe it is the battery. Does anyone have experience with such problems and maybe suggestions?



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I would suggest swapping a good battery into your bike, or trying your battery on a similar bike. Maybe a local repair shop can do that for a small fee.

If you can safely lift the wheel off the ground, will the motor run? This usually takes very little power from the battery, so if the battery is bad, it may run the motor.