electric kits for the Brompton


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These kits use front hub motors with batteries carried in a frame-mounted bag.

Grin Technologies. Two motor options, two display options, two pedelec options, and a number of accessories and batteries.

NYCeWheels. Simple display and thumb throttle, and two battery options. They also sell Bromptons with the kit pre-installed.

Chris Nolte

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We installed the Grin Technologies one with a torque sensor for a customer. Although I wish we could make the bike a bit more stealth overall I am very happy with the performance and the smooth delivery of power.


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Hi, my name is Michael and I belong to the add-e team from Austria.

For all of you who never heard of add-e before, I recommend to view our websites www.add-e.de or www.add-e.at . We are a start-up company that has set itself the task to convert ordinary bicycles quickly and easily into e-bikes. Our first success we are already had with our Indiegogo campaign for add-e and we produce and distribute our successful invention worldwide.

We got a lot of questions by many of our customers regarding the Brompton bicycle, so we have considered inventing a mounting variant for this famous special bike, because with the default installation of an add-e on a Brompton Bicycle the practical folding function got lost.

Now, after some time of development, we have successfully completed the first prototype, tested it and were now ready to produce these in mass. All we need is your support.

The installation of the add-e drive unit remains as usual easy and quick. You are able to dismount the drive unit fast and mount them on another bike of your choice.
For those who already have an add-e it’s also possible to buy just the new mounting system for your Brompton bike and so, use their existing add-e.

For this reason I wanted to introduce our concept here and show all Brompton enthusiasts what we want to bring you. Everyone who wants to assist us actively, please go to our Kickstarter Campaign (link below) and purchase one of our Perks. Every Dollar brings this great feature closer to your Brompton bike. We appreciate your help!

Video Presentation:

I am looking forward to your opinions and feedback.
For those, who want to actively support us here is the link to the Kickstarter campaign:

If you have questions feel free to contact me or our supports team from our website our Kickstarter campaign site.


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Chris Nolte

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It's my understanding that Brompton has taken a hard stance on modifying non-e Bromptons now that their ebike release is emmenint. As per some recent information from a company Rep, they won't be making a retrofit kit and the e-bike version will be a whole new model.

I'm not a Brompton dealer, but I look forward to seeing this bike.