Electric problems


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Hi folks,

I've had this problem for a while but live out in the country and there's nowhere t get it checked out or serviced locally.

A while ago the battery ran completely flat whilst I was cycling. When I got home I charged it up and then when I turned the bike on again the bikes display said the battery was empty and refused to go. After a while it changed its mind and said there was some power. Since then it has got more and more random.

It would say that the battery had 2/4 bars of power, then this would jump to 3 sometimes, then down to 1 bar, then back up again, and then nothing and cut out. More recently it wouldn't show more than 1 or 2 bars of power, and now it consistantly shows none, but lets me cycle for a few minutes before cutting out. If I turn the battery off and on again it will give me another 10 seconds or so of pwer and then completely shut down again.

I have tried swapping the EDU for another one I had kicking about, the same random battery power display thing would happen.

The harger says the battery is full, and the LED power display on the battery its self also indicates full charge.

It's incredibly frustrating and I wonder if anyone has had anyting similar or any ideas?

It's just over a year old.

Also annoyingly my downtube battery has become jammed onto the battery mount and I'm still looking for ways to try and remove it without damaging anything.

I'm really hoping it could just be a wiring problem somewhere like a damaged wire and not something more enpencive, tho there are no visible signs of exterior damage to the wires that I'm able to see easily. I have tried just wiggling the odd wire here and there to see if there's any difference, but no joy.

Any help appreciated!


First think you need to do is figure out why your battery is jammed and extract it so that its going in and out of the mount smoothly. That sounds like mis-installation to me.

Once you do that, if the battery is still fluctuating, it's probably time to replace it. Batteries are notoriously flakey as a whole and you may have some dead cells in it. Age of the battery is really not all that relevant, they can go bad in a day - or five years down the road. Good luck.


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Ah thanks, that's kinda bad news! £250 of bad news. Cheers for the reply.

I suspect I now why the battery is jammed but how to un-jam it is beyond me without potentially breaking something! Not looking good so far...