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ORIENT TOUCH ELECTRONICS is a US (Colorado) Based Branch, We are recognized distributor of various consumer electronics we sell latest brand and new original phones from there manufacturer with the minimum of 1 full year international warranty... we have in stock all various type of Electric Scooters & Unicycles. below are our product and price list

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For Sale Brand New IO HAWK Intelligent Mobility Device-Monorover R2 & R3.

For Sale Brand New AirWheel:
AirWheel Q1 170Wh - 18km/h - 20km
AirWheel Q1 260Wh - 18km/h - 30km
AirWheel Q3 130Wh - 18km/h - 15km
AirWheel Q3 170Wh - 18km/h - 20km
AirWheel Q3 260Wh - 18km/h - 25km
AirWheel Q3 340Wh - 18km/h - 30km
AirWheel Q5
AirWheel X3 - 130Wh - 18km/h - 18km
AirWheel X3 - 170Wh - 18km/h - 25km
AirWheel X3S - 130Wh - 18km/h - 18km (Samsung Battery)
AirWheel X5 - 170Wh - 18km/h - 25km
AirWheel X8 - 170Wh - 18km/h - 20km

For Sale Brand New FireWheel:
FireWheel F132 - 132Wh - 22km/h - 18km
FireWheel F260 - 264Wh - 22km/h - 35km
FireWheel F520 - 528Wh - 22km/h - 70km
FireWheel F779 - 779Wh - 23km/h - 100km

For Sale Brand New Ninebot
Ninebot One C+ 220Wh - 22km/h - 20km
Ninebot One E+ Wh - 320Wh - 22km/h - 30km

Contact us for further information,price quote, warranty and process on how to place your order.. we ship worldwide via FedEx/DHL or UPS Courier service within 3-5 working days

We are committed to doing all it takes to keep you a satisfied customer!

All inquiries regarding purchase should be forwarded to:

Contact usorienttouchelect@gmail.com
Skype ID: orienttouchelect


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To keep pace with the time, Airwheel also released its wearable equipment, i.e. smart helmets C3 and C5. The two auxiliary devices were used for protection during the ride. What's more, riders can watch video, take photos, and review the photography via C3 or C5. The built-in Bluetooth enables the rider to answer the call without taking out his mobile .

Recently, Airwheel unveiled its two-wheeled self-balancing bike Z5 in the 2016 CeBIT for the first time. And then Airwheel displayed it in Global Source Electronics that was held in Hong Kong. Days ago, it made its appearance in Canton held in Guangzhou once again. Through the appearance in the three large international show trade, Airwheel Z5 became more and more popular with numerous people across globe.
Airwheel two-wheeled intelligent bike Z5 indeed offers a lot of convenience to people, notably white-collars. Firstly, Airwheel Z5 is small in size. Airwheel Z5 weighs merely 14.5 kg so that even a child can lift it by either of hands. What’s more, it can pack away to enter into the boot. For many white-collar, they have to change several times. They could ride Airwheel Z5 and before change to the bus or underground, they fold Airwheel Z5 so as to bring it into these transportation. In the office build, most of rooms are small. The user can fold Airwheel Z5 under his office desk. It will in no way stand in way of other colleagues.