Electric unicycles: The best way to get around?


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Hey Calvin! Great list of videos here... I was recently contacted by the guys who make the Self Balancing Unicycle (the second video you posted) and they are going to send a demo unit out so you'll see a video on All Bike Update soon :)

What about you, have you ever tried one of these before or had an interest in giving it a shot? I tried regular unicycle riding a couple years back with some friends. It's a real fun challenge!


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I tried riding an unicycle once in my youth. It was a rigorous balancing act rather than a mode of transportation. My idea is to have the rider sit within the wheel of a motorized unicycle. The top speed then would be limitless, faster than the above videos anyway, perhaps as much as 100+ mph (with tail rudders)... The critical thing to remember would be to pay attention to the system failure warning light! No blow outs allowed either.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monowheel

There is this:


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we are suokuwheel self balance electric unicycle manufacturer from China.

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Wow. This Solowheel is so small that I am surprised that the people can actually use it. But does it qualify as legitimate transportation? It's rather a toy for me than a transportation. Of course that kind of self balancing unicycles are a lot of fun. But it would be perfect to use it in a park instead of a morning jogging or other acivity ;).
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Justin at ebikes.ca is an avid unicyclist and has done é conversions.

But typically these types of solo wheel bikes are targeting the "last mile" after using public transportation and not intended for longer distance use.


I would check and see if Segway has anything that might pique your interest.
They are a long established and reputable company.


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I saw a commuter in our downtown area on one of these the other day (looked most like the 1st video in this thread). He was really moving and dressed in office attire. I'd say he was doing at least 15mph. The next day a coworker of mine saw him and asked him about top speed. I think he said it would do at least 30mph but he wouldn't try to ride it that fast.