Electrical problem Currie Eflow Flight

Lee R Tomlinson

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Hi, all,

Hopefully someone might be able to offer some advice. Any help would be much appreciated as I quite stuck.

I have a Currie Eflow Flight ebike that is about 2/3 years old, which I bought secondhand just a month or so ago.

It had been very well maintained and worked perfectly when I first got it. It was also kept in an apartment when not in use.

I recently rode the bike to work in the rain and then when I went to ride home the battery was showing as empty (after about 11km - normally I would do my 22km round trip to work and still have 2 out of 5 bars on the battery remaining).

I charged the battery when I got home and after an hour it was green on the charger, however when I switched on the computer it still said the battery was dead (otherwise the computer seemed normal). I got no error code on the computer. I tried charging the battery off the bike as well as on, but this made no difference.

I checked the battery voltage with a voltmeter and it showed as 40 volts, which I presume is ok. I also checked the voltages on the contacts of the bracket where the computer is connected to the handlebars and got voltages up to about 5 volts depending on the contacts.

I tried taking the small backup battery out of the computer and then when I put it back on the bike it would not switch-on at all. According to the instructions, the computer should use the main battery if the backup battery is dead.

I left the bike to dry for several days but it still would not work, so I tried drying/cleaning all the connections on the various accessible wires, but to no avail.

I then removed the plate at the top of the seat post (the battery slots into the seat post) to check the wiring from the battery, and found that the connector between the battery and the controller unit had melted (apart from the metal part of the connector). Since this seemed like a probable cause of the problem, I cut off the melted connector and soldered the wires together directly, however this did not make any difference either.

Currently the ebike is at a local workshop (I am in Sydney, Australia), but they have so far been unable to identify the problem.

  1. What do the above described symptoms/observations suggest in terms of what might have gone wrong?
  2. Is there anything else I can check on the bike to try to diagnose the problem?
  3. Is there a wiring diagram for the bike that I could use for diagnostic purposes? The 3 wires between the battery and controller were red/blue/green on one side of the connector and red/black/yellow on the other side. I assumed red went to red, black to blue, and yellow to green- is this a fair assumption? Because the connectors we melted it was impossible to tell how it was wired originally.
I tried contacting Currie by phone and email but have been unable to get a response.

Best regards,

Lee R Tomlinson

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Hi, Harry,

Thanks for your response. Unfortunately none of those diagrams seem very similar to my bike (which is a bit more recent than the bikes on there). Not sure why Currie only seem to have diagrams for the older bikes.