ElectrisSa international ebike.


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Is this normal to have to keep opening the battery casing folding part to power it on again? seems odd to me.
No. Power failure while riding means you bought garbage. I bought two $300 batteries that would drop the voltage to 7 or 11 when I drew more than 2 amps or 100 watts. Supposed to be 41 to 53.6 volts with a 50 A rating. I took those piles of trash to the recycle facility and bought a $630 battery that works. No failures in 7000 miles abd 3 1/2 years so far. My battery connector is industrial grade 3M insulated .250" flag terminals, an option you can't use with a bike with an integrated, push in, battery. Andersn connector also looks like it may be okay. But I could never find a mating connector, so I cut it off and crimped on the 3M terminals. Use a klein tool when crimping, and pull test after crimp to ensure a quality joint. I reversed sex on + & - wires so I can't plug the battery in backwards.