ElectroBike Cross

Tara D.

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Has a lockout for the urban environment and a little bit knobbier tires that could take you off road as well. 350 watt internally geared and 36v lithium ion. Does not come with a bottle cage but it does have the bosses! Nice clean front and motor inhibitor. They do sell online also if you are not close to a store.



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i am about to buy this one, but I live in a very hilly area of PA. I was curious how this bike works on hills? The hill I live nearby is around a 26% grade and I'm hoping this bike will make life a little easier. Comments and thoughts are very appreciated.

Ann M.

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Wow, that's some hill @KevinR! Shout out to @J.R., he lives in Pennsylvania and rides everywhere, bet he can give you some good advice :) My own personal opinion is that the ElectroBike Cross is underpowered for the hills you want to do.