ElectroBike Magnos Video Review

Ann M.

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A step up from the Alfa+ folding bike, the Magnos is another super affordable folding bike at $1300 with a heavier duty frame and cool 'mag style' wheels. The pedal assist on this model has the more effective and smoother 12 magnet sensor. A handy stabilizing foot below the bottom bracket helps balance the bike while folded and protects the external wiring harness. The Magnos solved the issue of the quirky performance of pedal assist and throttle and is a much more responsive ride!

http://electricbikereview.com/electro... The ElectroBike Magnos is a feature complete folding electric bike with cast solid wheels for improved durability and weight management. You get pedal assist with a responsive 12 magnet pedelec sensor and trigger throttle for instant power, impressive 160 mm mechanical disc brakes and motor inhibitor levers for quick stops. Great accessories here including a Velo flip-up saddle for easy battery removal, plastic venders, a rear mounted carry rack and integrated front and rear LED lights! The suspension fork and seat post shock improve comfort given the smaller 20" wheels, not happy that the key has to stay in the battery when riding or that it is so near the pedaling arc of your left foot, heavier build at ~53.5 lbs and weaker 250 watt motor that performed adequately during my hill climb tests.