Elevate Outdoor Hitch Rack


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I'm looking at hitch racks and trying to find something less expensive than the top brands, but is still durable and that will work with a low-step bike with fenders (S604 Rook).
I found this one in stock and it is very reasonably priced and has pretty decent reviews. I also appreciate that it is not as heavy as some other models. Is anyone familiar with this particular rack? https://www.discountramps.com/bicycle/racks-carrier/4-bikes/p/BC-7845/
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I don't use this particular rack, but it's 90lb max load rating does give me pause. Being a double rack, this implies a max bike weight of 45lbs per bike.

There are several threads that discuss hitch racks at length, including this one:

Thread 'Hitch Bike Rack' https://electricbikereview.com/forums/threads/hitch-bike-rack.38920/

Others can be found through the Search function with "hitch bike rack" as the search term.
Thank you - I have searched the threads thoroughly and thought I might have seen someone mention this specific brand which may have been called Apex previously. The reviews for the rack on the site are mostly positive. I spoke to the retailer and he confirmed that my specific bike would work with this rack as it is close to the 45lb weight with the battery removed.


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The rack you mention is designed for two 45 pound bikes. As long as you carry just one, especially on the side closest to the vehicle, you should be fine. I would not recommend it for carrying 2 bikes though.

Since your bike is a low step, you may need an adapter such as this one for that type of rack: