Elevated bike lanes In the US?

George S.

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I am blown away by this:

I've been studying how to mix bikes with cars. One of the more interesting solutions is to reprogram traffic lights with a "bike green" where bikes can go anywhere, but car traffic is full stop. The theory is the bikes are slow and can sort out the crossing pattern.

This, wow, this takes it to another level. I'll settle for small steps.



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Awesome video George! They did a great job making it look real and the solution is well within reason. Definitely technically feasible. I also enjoyed the article you shared Ravi. Sounds like cycling has a lot of support in Germany... but in truth even the roads work better there (autobahn anyone?) this quote stood out to me:

Every day, one-third of the people of Copenhagen ride their bikes to work or school. Collectively, they cycle more than 750,000 miles daily, enough to make it to the moon and back. And city officials want even more people to commute, and over longer distances.


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I was on the autobahn yesterday. Its fast but a little bit narrow. You definitely don't want to text while driving. Lots of action. Drivers pretty much all understand to stay in the right lane unless passing.

George S.

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We get to go 80 mph (135kph) but that's it. I assume this is still unlimited, and very fast. You guys make cars that can handle it. Maybe a Corvette would be fun.