Elmo Got New Shoes! (Vee Chicane's)


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Hey Maria, Elmo got new shoes! 🙃

So after a bad puncture a couple of weeks ago that saw a 3" nail through my tread and out the sidewall, I figured it was almost time to replace the worn out Kenda Juggernauts anyway. I have been snooping around for fat street tire options for a bit, and settled on the Vee Chicane's in 3.5" width. Stock was 4" on my 80mm rims. I want to try a street tread just for fun, noise, and mileage, but had no problem with the Kenda's. No option really jumped out ahead of the others for me, so the Chicane's honestly won out on style. I had a strange attraction to the tan sidewalls.

Mounting was easier than the Kendas, and new Mongoose tubes were used as well (Tires are tubeless ready, but my stock rims are not indicated for it). I have some slime to add this time as well, but wanted to try them out empty first. I found they are slightly squisher at the same pressure I ran the Kendas (18/21), but that is to be expected I guess with lower volume. I'll try like this for a ride or two, then experiment with some pressure changes. I had a quick 10km test ride this afternoon and they are near silent compared to the Kendas. Handling is smooth and confident, with only the slightest hint of self steer at times. It would be too easy to call the silent smooth ride "better" in any way without some extensive miles, so I'll be commuting my 40km trip all week. I'll post a better impression next week after a couple hundred km's, and that should definitely reveal any improvement in rolling resistance and battery efficiency.

So here's the pics: