Emazing Artemis 73hd-Not getting enough mileage.


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So I've recently purchased the Artemis 73hd-and since it was my first ebike ever I didn't want to go crazy and purchase a really expensive one, so I went with this hoping to at least use it for a 6-7 mile commute without sweating.

The owner of the store insured me that I'd easily get 20 miles per charge so I trusted his words.

Battery: 36V/8.7AH Panasonic NNP Li-ion Battery

Motor: Taiwan Hodaka DC 350W rear brushless gear motor

Weight: Total 38 lbs

My weight: 160 lbs

So I took it for a ride- it was a relatively flat surface.

I was pedaling in 6-7th gear at about 16 mph, with Assist levels 1-2.

After about 8 or 9 miles, the battery had completely drained and it was a 40 minute ride. No full throttle at all.

Is this normal?

I emailed the manufacturer and the reply I've received was-it was normal to get 9 miles..which is hard to believe because I don't think i've used the battery that much.

On their website, it clearly says: 40-60 miles per full charge.

Did I get scammed or am I missing something?

Any suggestions to improve on the mileage?