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Emazing Artemis Bicycle

These comments are based on one month of ownership of this bicycle.

In the search for an electric bicycle I wanted one that would be primarily a bike, with some assist. I didn’t want an “electric bike that can be pedaled” . So, it should have a weight that is acceptable for bicycling without power assist. Also, at my height of 6’ 2”, availability of a large frame is important.

The Emazing bikes had good reviews, and were relatively light weight, so that’s where I concentrated. They also had more frame sizes than other options out there, increasing the odds that the large frame would be big enough.

The choice between the Artemis and Daedalus, what to do. They look the same, the specifications are similar. I decided with my size the larger motor might be needed. The weight was only a pound more, the twist grip power idea appealed, and the improved brakes were a positive. There was a little confusion over the features of the bike.

I elected to buy through a dealer, though the closest one is 260 miles away. I thought this would increase the odds of continued support.

The dealer, at additional cost, added an extension to the front post to raise the handlebars; and the pedals were replaced with ones with “cages”. Locally fenders and a rack were added.

As a bike:

- The design is very clever. Of note is the 1st gear, a “granny gear”. They added a large gear to the six “normal looking” gears in the rear. It works really well. The bike’s 7 gear ratios compare well to the 21 on the road bike I have, except on the Artemis they are easier to use. No more pant clips!
- Going up hills in low gear, using muscle power only, works really well.
- The disk brakes are wonderful.
- The large frame size fits me well.
- It is a pleasure to use the bike as a bike.

As an electric bike:

- The power assist works really well on hills. It is still work, but I’m on the bike and not walking. This is why I wanted an electric bike.
- The power assist system, which is described as a system that adds power corresponding to the rider’s effort, with the power level setting directing the machine to apply more power, does not work quite that way. The application of power is such that minimal pedal effort at low speeds produces a burst of power, while heavy pedal effort at higher speeds does not result in much apparent power application.
- The PAS system also controls the maximum speed that power will be applied. Here are the results of my “testing”:

Power level 1- Assist ends at 8 MPH
Power level 2- Assist ends at 9-10 MPH
Power level 3- Assist ends at about 11 MPH
Power level 4- Assist ends at about 14-15 MPH
Twist grip- Assist ends at 14-15 MPH

Typical cruising speed for me, riding without power assist, on flat ground is 15-18 MPH. Therefore, power assist at cruising speed is not available. Emazing explains that the current bike is built to European speed standards instead of the higher US standard. This is a disappointment.

-You are not to switch into electric mode while the bike is moving.
-The twist throttle only works when the pedals are not moving.
-The removable battery unit mount is clever and well executed. Removing and reinstalling the battery is convenient.
-I’m learning how long to charge the batteries, as maximum battery life requires that batteries be charged to a “not quite full” level. Yet, the charger is not smart enough to be told to turn off at anything other than full charge. The charge indicator lights on the battery do not correspond directly to percentage of full charge.


-Get and read the bike “paperwork” associated with the model you are considering. The documentation should be placed on Emazing’s web site.
-Bike racks have really improved. I wound up with a Topeak rack, which is designed to move side bags or baskets to the rear so heels do not hit them. The Axiom bags I bought were completely compatible with the rack without adjustment.


Emazing Bike stopped by today, and updated the controller software. The bike now has less of a jackrabbit start; top speed is a couple of MPH higher, and the system seems smoother.

The pictures show the Topeak rack, with fenders; making the front post higher, etc.
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Dan Mulholland

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Dan Mulholland

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Update, January 2016. Battery replaced under warranty- probably good except for an internal loose wire. Still like the bike a lot, use it a lot, though not in electric mode all that much, need the exercise!