emazing step-thru bike?


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I'm looking for a nice commuter electric bike for my wife. Her primary concern is weight; her secondary concern is getting on the bike while wearing a skirt.

The emazing Artemis is fantastically light, but she'd also like a bike with a step-thru frame. I heard rumors that emazing might be working on such a model. Can anyone confirm or deny this?



Tara D.

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Hey @ericleven I sent a quick message over to the sales department @ emazing. Perhaps they will get back to me! If they do I will let you know what I find out! :)

Tara D.

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2:59 PM (57 minutes ago)

to me

Hi, Tara
We will have new models designed in different way in three months, the step through will also be available in future.
You can have updated information on our website, we would like to let you know when new models come.

Thanks and regards,
Emazing Bike