EMTB Mode is here


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fwiw i'm on a ktm with cx and walk assist is functional with the update (emtb mode is awesome btw. its even nice for commuting since i don't even have to think about the modes anymore!)

ESBiker, did you have any luck? might be a brand-specific thing since i heard that all of trek's bikes have it disabled, but i think bulls has it working on some of theirs...maybe bring it to a certified shop to check?


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I had the display head switched from Intuvia to Purion and hoped that might enable the walk function, but it did not. My bike guy was at inter bike and was told the same thing about some manufacturers disabling. Since someone in this thread is a bulls owner and has walk function, this is a puzzle. My bike guy is following up with bulls, so we will see.
BTW if anyone is going to switch display heads [I had a second crash where the Intuvia - hence the bike - was disabled] you can splice the display head cable rather than reroute. The latter can be a problem since there is a somewhat large plug on the display cable which can require you take out all existing cables in order to route it internally.