eMTB or Sport/Turbo

Jay Kay

Any views to share on whether to have my 2020 Delite Vario (on order due for manufacture next month) tuned for eMTB mode, or just keep the standard Sport and Turbo mode on the Bosch motor?

I don’t intend doing much road cycling, mainly rail trails, forestry gravel roads , off road cycle paths and green/blue MTB tracks.

Any and all comments welcome.


New Member
Agree with Webcurl: my Packster was also delivered with eMtb mode (and lights always on, now a german standard).
I had the "lights always on" removed, but kept the eMtb mode, just to try (in my mind, at that moment). I was rather convinced that I will switch to Sport mode rather quickly; but I am keeping on with eMtb mode.
With my packster (40 Vario), I am usually not riding without assistance on; I use Eco on flat, Tour for light climbs, and mainly eMtb for all climbs (rather hilly around my home); I only use Turbo when I know that the incoming climb is very steep (15% or more). I EMtb is very versatile.