Enviolo Automatiq CO Controller


Yes, they are standard equipment on the Aurora. It is handy for over-riding the automatic cadence that a user establishes when they set up the hub with the phone app. You can increase or decrease your cadence 'on the fly'. Really not a bad option to have, unfortunately Evelo does not supply it as standard on the new Omega. But I really miss the previous Harmody system that included a push button for automatic or manual gearing and a twist grip for selecting cadence (a very slick system!)
Two minor issues with 'Enviolo Automatiq CO Controller' compared the the earlier wired controller.

1. You must install a battery and you must turn it On every time, main motor power on does not turn-on Enviolo

2. I operate my AL in Manual Shift Mode; the CO Controller allows up/down shifting.
However, unlike the wired controller there is no Gear Position indicator.
Only way to see what gear you are in is via the cellphone app . . . and I have zero interest
in having my cellphone mounted on the bike and turned-on all the time.
So when I actually do need to know the gear position; I have to count up/down from 1 or 9.