Enviolo vs Rohloff E14


Hey everybody,

What is your opinion on Enviolo vs Rohloff E14? I would be very interested in getting your opinions on these two systems, especially if you have experience with one/both systems.

I’ve looked for articles directly comparing the Enviolo and Rohloff systems but have come up short. However, I did find this lighthearted 3min video comparing the two systems:

I haven’t tried either one (yet), so I don’t have much to contribute. But just to get the conversation going: the Enviolo is a lot cheaper and has come out with a new automatic shifting variant that might be very appealing to some people (I believe you just set the cadence you want to pedal at and the Enviolo automatiq takes care of the rest). This system is optional and can be turned off at the push of a button. Moreover, it seems to me that one might be able to shift through a large range of gears very quickly by turning the knob, whereas changing through an equally large number of gears via button pushes with the Rohloff might take a bit more time. But I could definitely be wrong about this, so feel free to jump in and correct me if you have experience with both systems.

A cool thing about the Rohloff system is that it automatically downshifts for you when you come to a full stop. Moreover, the Rohloff has an even larger range of gears than the Enviolo, which might be important to some people (although that isn't a selling point for me). For me personally, the Rohloff is attractive because electric gear shifting at the push of a button seems futuristic and fun. But that is incredibly subjective and silly, and might not be worth the extra thousand+ dollars for most people.

While both systems are supposed to be relatively maintenance free and long-lasting, there seems to be some level of agreement on the internet that the Rohloff system will (on average) last longer than an Enviolo system without needing any maintenance or replacement from a shop (unfortunate exception cases have been discussed on this forum). On the other hand, Rohloffs require a yearly oil change, which might annoy some people.

So, what is your opinion on the Enviolo vs Rohloff E14 systems?
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Nice video by Chris from Propel discussing the Rohloff E14 (and briefly the enviolo system as well). A useful addition to the conversation:



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I have always liked the Enviolo a lot, especially if you combine it with its Harmony Electronic shifting system. With that system, you can either do regular electronic shifting, or you can actually make it completely automatic. You set a preferred cadence, and the system with gradually shift as needed to keep you at that cadence. In both cases it will automatically downshift at a stop.

The issue is that depending on the type of bike you are going to use, they don't have the same level of performance.
The Enviolo does not support thru axle, it does not support as high of a torque as Rohloff or Kindernay, and it does not have as much range as these two other IGH.

So if the bike supports Enviolo and you want the simplest system around, Enviolo with harmony is a great choice. Sadly some of the people who provide the Enviolo on their bike like Riese & Mueller do not support the Harmony shifter. Evelo does.


A relevant thread discussing how Rohloff E14 is disappointingly loud in gears 1-7 (especially 7):


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EBR member Marparis has put at least 45,000 trouble free km on his Enviolo before Covid sidetracked him. That is impressive to me. I would not hesitate to try that system. I have 30,000 on my excellent performing Deore XT system but I have lost count of the number of chains, cassettes and front rings I have been through.


And here's Chris from Propel discussing the Enviolo system in depth:

"I think if somebody asked me what my favorite drive train for electric bikes right now, it would probably be this: enviolo"


I went for Rohloff E-14 on my R&M Load 75. I like the system. My wife and I will both ride it, she has wrist issues, and I didn't think the Enviolo was a good fit.