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Hello there from a new member

My son gifted me a 48V E-bike with twin batteries I think it may be a Sumono brand, Cargo type with 20" wheels it's displaying error E030 which I believe to be a comms error, I have checked all the plugs and cleaned same with circuit board cleaner and compressed air. I performed the multimeter test for the Mosfets, disconnected throttle etc etc still no joy. If there is any more tests I need to do please comment thanks

I am suspecting faulty LCD one of the reasons for this is that it does not appear to offer the headlight or horn function if that is applicable it also has 20 P type functions. The LCD plug attached to the screen is male 8mm it has one centre pin and 5 surrounding pins only 5 wires exit this loom indicating the centre pin is for location purposes only.
The other cable attached to the LCD is the handlebar mounted Up>Down power On/Off combo switch my dilemma is identifying a replacement LCD as I am not sufficiently experienced to know what compatibility issues may befall me.

I contacted a vendor that offered a replacement but it has thumb throttle and Up>Down function contained in the one unit which is fine by me if it all works OK

The last two pics are of this item he is offering

I have included pics to help clarify the type of LCD etc any help would be appreciated the hand made drawing is of the wire configuration as it exists this view is looking directly at the male plug exiting the LCH the first pic is of the actual plug itself on the bike

Kind regards and New years greetings from

Australia "Downunder"


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