Error code 60 DC overcurrent

Ole Stokkeland

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I've had my Kalkhoff BionX 250W for 2.5 years and run it for 9500 km. Now commuting 30 km each direction. A few months ago (just before end of warranty), the battery did not receive charging any more. I got a new 8.8h battery, and for some reason the motor was also gone, so I got a new motor also. Then after a few days the battery fell off on a bumpy street due to wrong mounting from the workshop. The battery still worked, but now Error code 60 shows in the display every other second. Quite frustrating. My battery doesn't have any extra DC output, which the code refers to. According to my calculations (and feeling) I get 20-30% less mileage from the battery now. So I suspect that there really is a kind of overcurrent steeling power. (Now having to charge at work to be sure it has enough power to get home, 30 km each direction.) But the workshop says they are not able to find out more or reset the error code. Anyone having experience on this error code? Would it make sense to break the warranty seal and check for physical damage inside the battery?


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Hmm... Interesting situation. I've never encountered this but your description is really helpful. Bummer that the battery was mounted wrong after you got a new one under warranty (glad to hear they honored your warranty without any issue!)

I can't really comment on opening the pack up but I'd be very careful because some Lithium-ion batteries have caught on fire and burned down shops in the past when they were punctured or charged with damage. The fact that the battery is already acting strange might be cause for just replacing it again... I realize that sucks given the high price and that you just got this one. Whatever you do, ride safe!