Espin Nesta - Espin's fat tire folding bike pre-order


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Of course there will be a price war of sorts , the "lowballers" will probably become extinct after a small while , the established brands will muck through. AS "KevCentral " says there is a "trickledown" of better specs and better components at a lower pricepoint.
What some people fail to recognize is a lot of these companies are in it to make money, as with any job the 'passion" suffers after a bit.
I used to want to build low-cost, energy-efficient housing, now I think whatever "Doublewide or modular" you can roll in , might just fill the bill.
The same when I am pricing groupsets, when compared some of the 1st or 2nd "entry level' components will do the job at a price point of perhaps @ 25 % of the cost.
Satisfaction gets to approach the the intangible as the ol' bank account shrinks.