ETrike disk brake issues


New Member
Hi. I just purchased the etrike which I’m so excited about. However it’s been back to the shop more than at home. It’s a brake issue. At first this squeak that was just from the rear right disk Took it in and when I picked it up they said it was this issue due to it being magnetic and the vibration but with a ton of aligning thought they had it. I left there and the noise when braking was omg so loud. They seem to think some trick in a dab if glue would hold the magnetic part in place. But it isn’t even the same sound this time around. They were supposed to contact you all w the video I sent. I’m wondering if this is a common issue or does this shop not know what they’re doing? I’m tempted to get my money back and buy it directly having someone else build it. Please advise if you could.