EUNORAU New Model 2021 DEFENDER S Indiegogo 500% Funded in 20 days!

A perk is not the same as a purchase, you're basically donating to them and as a token of their appreciation, donations of a certain amount are awarded certain perks. however, they are not obliged to honor these, so if anything happens and they don't pull this off, they get to keep your money. that is the scam of indiegogo but it works, so be wary. in some cases it's better to wait until it hits the shops, really check the history of the company and think why they are not using a loan to fund manufacture, because loan companies are not stupid.

Why EUNORAU get succeeded? Yes, The backers must check the history of a brand and check if they have already working with customers, and the market have a positive response. You can check that the Brand EUNORAU have 11 years ebike experience&more than 100+ shops/online sellers selling their products. That’s why the EUNORAU Indiegogo campaign was succeeded.