Eurobike 2016 news thread


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As far as I know that additional jockey is added only on bikes using Bosch middrive, due to ultra small size of the cog used on Bosch drive. Even haibike doesn't put that jockey on bikes with Yamaha motors.

Ah, the sprocket size would make a difference woudln't it! Hadn't thought of that factor! Thank you!!


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ahh, so are those used on all rear suspension bikes then? Different than what's used on hardtails? Thanks!

They're used on all 1x single chainring mtbs and some 2x systems. In conjunction with a narrow/wide front chain ring, they stop the chain from bouncing off the front chain ring. They have a much stronger spring creating more tension on the chain.


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The Shimano Shadow Plus derailleurs have a clutch in them to prevent chain slap. I installed one on my Juiced Bikes Cross Current when I upgraded to Deore XT 10sp.


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The perfect place to have the battery swimming in mud and water. Big fail with that design.

At least Stromer haven't done anything radical, and still look to be producing lovely well designed bike. :)


I think it's safe to say that 99.9% of Ebikers will never submarine their Ebikes. :0)