European EBike suggestions, Is it worth it?


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First off, Howdy, thanks for welcoming me into your Forums and allow me to make this post in the first place!

My Names Sid and I'm a Canadian living in the tiny country of Luxembourg! Ive recently been looking into an E-Bike as a "car replacement" as I dont currently drive and would like a little more freedom to travel both to commute for work and enjoy the woodland trails, without the use of public transport (Especially in the current Climate). I've been scouring the internet for reviews and Brands but find myself only more learned on the topic of EBikes and no closer to choosing one.

I visited my local dealer hoping to take a look at some EBikes and maybe test ride a few but unfortunately the selection was limited and mostly with high end Reiss and Muller models at 4000 to 7000 euros. I also recently learned that the throttle doesnt work the same way on european models as it does on north american and that the motors are significantly weaker.

There are hundreds of brands and thousands of models and for someone new Im finding it impossible to tell whats good and whats bad, especially without the ability to test ride anything. So I come to you, dear E Bike users, with questions i'm sure you've all heard before. Do you have any suggestions (Brands or Bikes)? Im 6 foot and around 90kgs looking for an all around EBike for commuting, leisure and some dirt or gravel forest trails. something around 2500 to 3000 euros that will help me carry home groceries or equipment (An extra passenger would be nice, I loved the look of the rad runner plus, but not essential). But is still nice and zippy both on flat ground and up hills and has a decent range.

Is it worth getting an EBike in Europe with the 250w limit? Should I be worried about theft? of the Battery especially?

Thank you and sorry for the long post!


TLDR: New EBike Buyer, Need suggestions for a good all around E Bike for commuting and woodland gravel paths, good range, good carry weight and a real help up hills, 2500 to 3000 euros.


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In addition, I don't know about Luxembourg, but those W ratings can be misleading.

There nominal W and maximum W. And I believe usually manufactures will post nominal wattage.

Bosch 250W motor for example, was tested by Grin Technologies in Canada, and what they found out was that 250W Bosch motor was pushing well over 800W at max.


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Reach out to Exess bikes. They have a Bafang ultra bike that is pretty great.
they can recommend something with throttle too.