EVELO Aurora Limited vs Delta X


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I am doing research for my first e-bike. My riding will be primarily on roads and sidewalks with occasional grass and fire trails. Very little change in elevation. I am upfront in stating that I am looking for a bike that will provide easily accessible electric-only propulsion with me peddling only as I feel like it.

I like the idea of a mid-drive motor in the 750W class, for high speed as well as a belt drive and the Enviolo CVT. $4K USD is about the top of my budget. All of that has me looking closely at the EVELO Delta X (though it is chain drive) and the Aurora Limited.

I am especially attracted to EVELO due to the fact that they have been around a long time, have a good reputation for customer service, have a long warranty and will work with local bike shops with warranty repairs. I did speak to a couple of local bike shops who said they would work on them if I did have issues. That is huge for me. While I am mechanically inclined, I also don't want another project taking up my time. I just want it to be as much like the experience of driving my car as possible. Meaning, get on and ride and not have to be constantly adjusting and fixing things. I tend to be a bit risk-averse, so gambling thousands of dollars on a less stable company doesn't really excite me.

Given all of this, I would love to hear from those who have ridden both of these e-bikes or if you have any other suggestions for me to look at, given my criteria.


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As you are probably aware, wanting/needing throttle limits the options to those bikes using bafang, dapu and a few other motors but eliminates those using the popular Brose, Bosch, Shimano, and Yamaha motors. But the Evelo Aurora Limited that you are looking at seems well suited for your rides and has throttle, gates belt, and igh. I have looked at that bike also and conversed with a few owners that seem quite happy with theirs and also mention best warranty around and helpful, responsive company. Watt Wagons have great specs with belt drives and IGH but are quite a bit more money. The new Priority Current looked exciting with Gates belt and Eviolo igh hub like Evelo Limited but alas, no throttle. Anxious to see others responses of what else is out there.