Evelo aurora or???


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Moving to Portland OR. Buying first ebike main use city but weekend trail riding also
I’m 70 comfort and hill climbing important and want tires good in the rain
Based on my research I’m convinced I want:
Step through
Mid motor
Belt drive
Internal geared hub
Rear rack
Hydraulic brakes
Throttle nice to have
Good company reputation
Approx $4K price

im pretty sold on the evelo aurora but I suffer from FOMO what other bikes should I be considering?


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Given your list of requirements, search for step-thru belt-drive bikes. Almost all of them will be mid-motor IGH with fenders, rack, lights, and hydraulic brakes. That leaves throttle, company reputation, and price to consider.

The Evelo Aurora is the only one I see with throttle. Some options without throttle:
Those bikes have the advantage of well-known motors, whereas the Evelo uses Dapu which is much less common and hence a risk. I did a bit of searching about Dapu, and I would not feel comfortable dropping $4K on that. But on the other hand, it has throttle, which you say is a nice to have.

The Evelo seems to have only one frame size (?), so be sure you are happy with the fit. The bikes listed above have multiple frame sizes.

You didn't mention suspension. The options above differ there.

If I had your exact list of requirements, I'd be tempted to wait for the Serial 1.

Gates Carbon Drive has a long list of e-bikes in North America. I'm skeptical that many of these are actually available in the US, but you might want to peruse the list.

Al P

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You didn't mention whether or not you'll be transporting the bike to different areas by car. If so, the Aurora is very heavy to lift onto a rack. Having said that, Evelo is an excellent company to deal with. The bikes are well-made and come with a 4 year warranty. I would have no problem buying another bike from them.