EVELO Black Friday 2021


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I've been looking at the ALE reviews and various forums. I already have 2 cool cruiser style ebikes (Soul Saber Pros), but I foresee at sometime I might have issues swinging my leg over these big bikes. Looking at the different step through models and options, I wanted a mid-drive with Gates Carbon Belt Drive, step through frame and the capacity to carry my 6' - 280# size. The Evelo ALE looks like it will fit the bill. I've been going to their website on and off for about a month now and today saw they are having their Black Friday Sale. With the shipping and supply chain issues looking like they may go on for another year or longer and the potential for the prices to go up more, I pulled the trigger and placed my order today. Expected shipping is mid Jan. 2022. Will see how that turns out. Oh yeah, all giddy about getting another new ebike. Hope it's as good as everyone says it is.
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@Rickman1 ; You will indeed enjoy if not love your ALE.

I had one of the initial production ones (it was recently stolen) and it was a wonderful ride.

While I have a 2022 DASH on order, do expect there is another ALE in my future.