EVELO Compass clicking sound in rear end


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To all,

I have put 37 miles on my Compass in the past 2 days and the battery charge on the display now shows 100% when the batteries are fully charged. The display connection to my cell phone charges by phone while I ride. The battery converter actually switches from one battery to the other when one battery is low on charge. The one thing still not fixed is the clicking sound in the rear end when power is on either with the throttle or pedal.

I just talked to E-Bikes of Holmes County in Ohio and they are replacing the gear hub on the Compass bought by Wanda Boyce recently. Unlike the bogus claim from every bike shop I have talked to lately saying that the clicking comes from the rear wheels (?BECAUSE THERE ARE NO BEARINGS IN THE REAR WHEELS?) and I should loosen the 2 nuts holding the rear wheels on, The Holmes County folks who are still dealers for the EVELO Compass think that the clicking sound comes from the rear gear hub and they plan to replace Wanda's gear hub with a new hub.

I personally have been sent 3 Compass trikes by EVELO and I am deeply appreciative of their customer service. The last and current Compass works well excluding the clicking sound in the rear. If the fix to Wanda's trike goes well I plan to take my Compass to E-Bikes of Holmes County after the riding season ends and have them fix my Compass to the level of perfection that it is claimed to be.

Thanks to K&G for the service and thanks to EVELO for the effort to make my Compass the trike that I would like it to be and the trike advertised by EVELO.

Terry Harris