EVO 27.5 (2015, European version) Error 05


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Hi there.

I own an EVO 27.5 from 2015, with a year and 3500 Km on it.
I did not suffer any significant error, other than some sporadic power-off when the computer display was not plugged correctly.

This morning, it started by doing a series of power-cycle problems. It started with "Error 01 and restart" loops. I re-sit the display and it seemed it went better, but then started showing intermittently Error 05. It power-cycles, shows the error, restarts the display and works fine again for few minutes. I have identified the problem seems to appear when demanding extra force (ie: uphill) more than pedalling in flat terrain. When it works, it works fine and the motor runs fine freely (downhill).

From manual, error 05 is described as:

"Check that the connection between the motor and the controller is correct. If the sensor inside the motor is broken, replace the sensor or motor with a new one. Check that the connection between the motor cable and the controller is correct. If not, replace the controller"

I checked the connection from controller to motor and seems fine, pins are clean "golden" and no sign for rust. Not sure what other connectors can be easily reached to be verified.

Claiming repair under warranty is cumbersome as I purchased it in an online bike dealer, I may need to deal myself with shipping to factory, so I intend to exhaust all possible avenues for solutions before sending it to repair.

Any hint anyone about this error?
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I have the 2015, 29'er and had error 10, which required a new controller. I did have a couple of error 5 that were the result of the display losing contact (those damn little pins), when I attempted to adjust the display angle away from sun glare. I resolved the error 5 by putting the supplied screw through the mount into the back of the display and never adjusting the angle.

The other issue that can result in a connection issue is the controller in the frame, above the battery, sits loose in the frame cavity and can rattle while trail riding. I never had a connection issue there, but that could happen, as there are no mechanical fasteners holding it in place. When I replaced the controller I added some strips of foam to eliminate movement and rattle.

To drop the controller down to inspect the connections, remove the battery and then the three screws in the cover above the battery compartment. The controller will drop down. Apply some adhesive backed foam to prevent movement, but don't cover it, as that could diminish cooling.

Picture of frame cover and controller.


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Thanks J.R. for your prompt response. You hinted what it seems to be root cause and the solution.
Inspecting the display for pins bent or stuck, I did not find any, but realized that moving the cable from the display to the controller was a way to reproduce the Error 05 problem at will. I un-screwed the connector (it has a threaded barrel), reviewed contacts (appeared fine to my eyes) and re-screwed it again, well tightened. The result is the problem has not happened again for whole morning (40Km track), even by moving the cable.
It makes sense, as it relates to the connection of the display. I'm happy it does not relate to motor.

... and your information regarding the place where the controller is installed, and the fact it is "free" also hints for a solution to the single most annoying problem of the bike since day #1; the rattle. I thought it was the battery, and tried with foam and neoprene tabs here and there to no avail. I'll try to release the controller and add some foam to look for rattling elimination.

Double thanks !!!


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Some additional pics that could be helpful working on these issues. These are for Evo bikes.


Not all connections are used on every bike, in every market. There isn't anything serviceable inside the controller case (I looked at the old one I have), it's fully potted in RTV silicone.