Evo 29er rear wheel spokes

Does anyone know the specs for the spokes and nipples for the rear wheel on the Evo 29er.

I've had one break recently and the shop I got the bike from didn't have any in stock and were unable to find an exact match here in NZ, so they have replaced it with a 14g spoke with a washer instead of a 13g as per the factory spokes. (They contacted BH in the states and were quoted a crazy price of US$9 per spoke +shipping).
After a couple of weeks of use the back wheel has now started to make a creaking sound, similar to the sound you get from a loose spoke, though none of the spokes are loose. It's difficult to pinpoint the exact origin of the creaking sound as it only happens when sitting on the bike and moving.
I'd like to get an exact match to replace the odd spoke to see if that fixes the noise and also get a few spares incase of further breakages.

So if anyone knows the exact gauge, length of drive side and non drive side and size of the nipple then it would be awesome, then I can try to get some custom ones made, or try to hunt down some of the shelf new that meet the spec



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I'll be dismantling my Euro Evo 29er wheel at some point, as I want to get rid of the cheapo Alex DM18 rims for good.

I was annoyed by the lack of readily available spare spokes or rims from BH as soon as I bought my bike, and in the end I'm far better off without needing their spares at all. My 14g Sapim Strong spokes have worked flawlessly for over 500km now.

In general, 13g spokes in anodised black are hard to come by, probably only on special order from China.
thanks for the replies. I've emailed EC a couple of days ago to ask if they ship to NZ, still waiting to hear back.
I 've also found a business in the UK that have 13g Sapims or DTswiss and will provide them cut to any length. I just need to know how long they need to be. I tried to measure on the wheel but it's a bit tricky as I'm not sure where the length measurement starts form in relation to the bend and how far into the nipple the ends go
I've emailed Electric cyclery twice now through their website and not had a response. I've just had another spoke break and the company I bought the bike from still doesn't have any spare spokes so they have replaced it with a 14g and washers. If another one goes I think I might just get the wheel rebuilt.
I've had no joy getting hold of replacement 13g spokes for the 29er. I've emailed Electric cyclery three time now though their web site and I've also emailed other shops but it would seem that us in NZ are not worthy of a response. The chain that I got the bike from also didn't manage to track any down, though I did give up hounding them.

Does anyone know the lengths of the rear wheel spoke on the drive side and non drive side as I've found a couple of places in the uk that can do them cut to length and I can pick them up when I'm over there next month.


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I've experienced the same thing in general, where US/UK companies no longer respond to email queries. Maybe it's how bike shops are more used to call in and walk in service, or the shops already know BH bikes are hard to service and just ignore anyone but their own clients.

Sad to see many of the things I only suspected might become an issue with BH bikes, actually becoming a problem for us all. This is only going to get worse unless BH wake up and start caring for their customers.

I've been pining to know the spoke lengths for the OEM Alex DM18 for almost two years. Guess I'll just have to finally take out two spokes and measure them for a fellow in need.

If they're reading this, here's my list of grievances (OEM parts we need).

-Freehub body.
-Motor nylon gears (wearing parts!)
-Cartridge bearings (these we can buy anywhere).
-Rims or matching wheels.
-Bare motors, both specs (US/EU).
I tried emailing BH directly about a week ago. Still no reply. But from what I've read on other posts I'm not really expecting that they will reply. Why bother having a contact email address on their website if they never respond...
In the last week the bike has now started to lose power whilst riding and when you try to turn the bike back on you can see the display booting up but it is really faint, barely visible. Then it just has an error 13. It finally gets going again after checking all connections a few times and reseating the battery between 1 an 5 times.
Might be time to take a big financial loss on the Evo and throw it on the scrap heap. Being my mode of transport for commuting, I need a bike that I can trust. It is now almost a year since I first bought the bike and in that time it has probably spent a total of 7 or 8 weeks back with the suppliers getting issues sorted out. The original bike was even replaced with a new one back in March and there have been just as many issues with the replacement.
Their bikes might look awesome and be nice to ride (when they work) but they're next to useless as a commuter if they're out of commission 15% of the time.
Now the bearings have crapped out in one of the pedals.... This has to be the most troublesome bike I've ever owned.
It's not like it gets a hold time either, I only use it for commuting around town. About 7km each way


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What do you mean? Wellgo pedals never have proper bearings to begin with :D They feel like there's steel shavings inside the races from new.

I replaced mine after about 2000km with proper brand name platform pedals.
What do you mean? Wellgo pedals never have proper bearings to begin with :D They feel like there's steel shavings inside the races from new.

I replaced mine after about 2000km with proper brand name platform pedals.

Yep. the Wellgos are now Well-gone. Got some nice new Shimano platform pedals which are a fair bit larger and are much nicer to use than the factory ones