Evo cross, Cuts display power when using breakes.


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I have an evo cross from around 2016, it’s been on standby for a couple of months but earlier this week I took it for a spin, but I quickly ran into problems.
The display kept going out while driving, I thought it was a bad connection so I tried cleaning the display terminals, also the battery terminal and so on, but I turned out to be the breaks!

when I use the breaks, left or right, running or standing still, it instants turns off the display.

do you guys have any good ideas how to fix this? there Is no repair shops near me who deals with BH bikes, and it’s out of warranty- but I am pretty good with tools, so I am up for trying to fix it my self.

Thanks for the help
Sorry for the bad English, it’s not my native language.


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maybe disconnect the BRAKE cables that connect to the display ? Clean , spray inside with the air can and reconnect.