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Until I read this thread, the EVO CROSS was my number one e bike choice if I couldn't turn my globe sport into an e bike to my satisfaction. It's very disappointing to hear about all the trouble with it.

bob armani

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Emotion Evo Cross Bought this bike new in Washington, D.C. 2 months ago. Will not turn on sometimes and quite often will just turn off while riding. When power cuts you are not in a sympathetic gear so you will lose control. This has been very dangerous in Washington traffic. If I take It somewhere I can not trust I can get back. The electronic control seem very cheap and after research online I have found many comments about same problem. This bike is heavy and very hard to ride with the power out. If you are stuck miles from home you can not leave a 3000 dollar bike chained up in any part of town.

JJBJ-I a assuming this is a 2016 model. I was researching the 2017 models in the Cross and the EVO 27.5 Pro. Not sure if they are using the same electronics or not in the new models. I was about to consider purchase of these, but now I may opt for a different brand. Thanks for the heads up!

bob armani

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Hmmm. Interesting and helpful info. Glad I checked here before buying an Easy Motion Evo Cross that seemed to have charging issues when I went for a demo. I'm a complete noob to this world and $3 large is a lot of money to dump into an e bike that has QC issues with its battery systems. That Yamaha based Haibike is looking better! Thanks @Erik.N. and @JJBJ for the information

I agree with you on the Yamaha Haibike! Looking better since the BH Cross is failing. No one wants to be stranded!

bob armani

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I have not experienced any more cut outs, so hopefully they fixed the problem. However, my main concern now is RUST. Not on the frame, but some parts seems to be of low quality for sure....and this happened before the winter "salt season". Now I'm afraid of using the bike in the wintertime since a lot of the roads are salted.

I tried to do a claim in the store in where I bought it, but the store would not accept it as a claim and said that it was normal for bikes and that I should just use rust spray.. BS in my opinion! I have a regular bike that's 7 years old and it is not affected in the same way as my EVO. E.g. if you buy the cheapest Fiat you won't expect to find parts that starts rusting after 5 months during the summer and early autumn season.

Even though the Big Bud Pro is a cool and special bike I would NOT recommend EVO bikes due to the quality issues I've seen. Steer away and buy something else. Haibike will probably be the next bike for me.

Yeah go with Haibike. FYI-I have 3 MTN bikes for 15-20 years (All aluminum frames) with no signs of rust on any parts. Perhaps a cheaper grade of aluminum or the proper sealants/rust inhibitors are being used on the frames IMHO??